About Us



We work hard so you don’t have to!

We are a team of highly skilled IT/ Finance/ Business Professionals who believe in having a good time while doing what we love, and we do love what we do.

We are accomplished trainers/ mentors in our respective industries and believe nurturing young minds is an investment towards our future.

I have had the opportunity to be on the both sides of the table (job seeker as well as hiring manager) and I understand the challenges faced by a job seeker.

STEM Careers Conversant was established in late -2015 after the founder spend over 15 years in the Information Technology, Business and other related Industries (Financial and IT Services).

I established STEM Careers Conversant because I understand the challenges incurred by a job seeker and wanted to help them with the experience and expertise I have acquired over the years in this highly competitive industry.

I have myself been an employment seeker several times in my career, and have been through the challenges incurred by a job seeker and discovered that many don’t enjoy writing a professional resume, cover letter, SOP (Statement of Purpose), hunting for new jobs, create a professional linked-in profile or sometimes just don’t have the time to do it while there are juggling between day-to day responsibilities.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering and a Master of IT Management from IIT, Chicago.

We look forward for the opportunity to work with you !