Career Services

Showing you how to do, that is our Specialty !


We’ve provided expert, individualized career-coaching services for people from all backgrounds and industries. From IT Technician to financial analysts, web developer to Engineering Managers, administrative assistants, UI designers, CEOs …the list goes on. While leveraging this knowledge base, and other powerful resources, we also start at the beginning with each individual, examining your accomplishments, motivations, work style, and goals, in order to develop your personalized career plan.

Below are some of our most popular career services :

  • 1-on-1 Personalized  Careers Assistance over Phone/Skype/face-2-face – billed hourly at  $100/hr
  • Professional Resume write-up  : resume write-up takes approx  3 -5 business days to get it delivered to your inbox. 1 word version and 1 pdf version will be provided . Resume can be customized according to the job profile, industry or employer.
  • Professional Resume write-up with linked-in profile update.
  • Professional Resume write-up with  linked-in profile update and blast – Professional Resume rewrite, linked-in profile update, and blast to 5000 + Recruiters and Hiring Managers filtered based on  location and industry you want to target.
  • End-2-End Career Services – All of the above services along with  end 2 end assistance with job search, resume and linked-in make over,  interview assistance, mock and phone interview preparation, image make-over for in-person interview and post joining assistance at the new work place.


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